An invitation to embrace an anxiety-free life

while maintaining an active pursuit of ambition, purpose, wellness and wealth.

There's an easier way

Strategy beats looking busy

About 9 years back, I was told I needed only 10 books to make it in life but I needed to read 10,000 books to identify my required 10 books.

  1. Who has that time?
  2. Who would pay for all those books?
  3. Where would I save the ones I finished reading?

I was a physical science student and educator looking to build a career in life science and social sciences while simultaneously retaining my desire for art – I was desperate to try any advice.

  • Attend conferences every weekend 
  • Print business cards and share them everywhere 
  • Follow every major industry player online 
  • Volunteer at every program that requires your skill set/will train you
  • Apply to every fellowship that offered funding and travel experiences 

I was all over the place!

Movement does not equal Progress

After two years, I wasn’t sure if I was running a business or an NGO; there was neither order in how I earned nor hope for how I would scale my finances let alone, ever go back to school.

I knew if I didn’t get any intervention then, that I would give up on my dreams because I was already burning out. 

So, I stopped. I literally just stopped and went back to my notes – what is the long term result I am looking for?

The How

How we progress here

 This is not just another program where you set goals for the year and start sprinting to impress people; this is a marathon that exceeds year 2026 even.

Expect community, long term planning, pacing ourselves and introspecting. 

Our biggest tool is letting you discover your internal wisdom instead of merely overwhelming you with new knowledge. 

If you hate to think, analyse, document and work, this is absolutely not the program for you. 

A four part visioning course that teaches you the basics on how to prepare to achieve any vision. We will cover 

  • Decision Making and the emotions attached to it
  • Believing 
  • Hard work 
  • Community required etc.

This classes will then form the basis for our coaching calls.

These will happen every week through out January allowing you to ask vital questions and cater to your specific need that the course did not cover. 

While recaps of these sessions are available, it is important to join live so as to meet your individualistic needs. 

How realistic is it to make paper cut outs every year? Worse, how functional is it to carry around? Does it mean you will lose sight of the goal if you travel for a few months? 

This pre-made template allows you to create an A5 version of your vision board in a way that’s applicable to you for the next twenty – fifty years (depending on how far you can dream). 

If you want it printed out like a diary, be rest assured it is formatted for that. 

You think you are very resourceful with your time? Wait until you keep a Do-Note (tracking everything you did with your precious time). 

You think you are not making progress in life? Wait until you cumulate the progress in your do note that you didn’t plan for. 

Gratitude will keep you grounded every time! Now, you don’t even have to bother about your phone formatting because you can always upload this template in your cloud account and recycle them any year. 

The journal comes with a weekly prompt. Get ready to become a Master of journal therapy if you commit. 

You won’t be left hanging. Aside from the monthly check-in mails you will receive, you will get a quarterly live session opportunity to review and loosen where you are stuck and tangled

Meet Your Coach

Liza Chuma Akunyili

With  a Bachelor’s degree in Physics Education, Liza dares to dream of becoming a Neuroscientist and Sexologist. While she is still in progress, she has gone on to become

  • A one time (2-year tenure) National Secretary of the Young Business and Professional women, Nigeria.
  • A YALI Alumna
  • A one time Lead Interviewer of the Poetic Africa Magazine (3-Year Tenure)
  • A one time Director of Romance Cafe (2-Year tenure)
  • The Present Media Director of the Alright’s Passion Network

All these while simultaneously building and scaling her seven-year-old therapy business; Liza Express Wellness.

Other Skills

WordPress Designing 83%
Virtual Team Management 92%
Branding & Idea Launch 57%
Liza Chuma Akunyili of Liza Express Wellness

Particiant's Story

EwaJesu Okewwumi

AUDACIOUS 2022 has been an experience.

I was getting out of 2021 with the idea that I probably would not do any coaching this year and instead revisit the coaching lessons I had last year. I had a full journal of lessons with so little implementation. But thankfully I saw the e-flier again as I wanted to splurge on hair products. I am so grateful I took that pause. the ‘accountability’ on the e-flier got me sold. weeks of sessions and the rest of the year updates on progress seemed like a good deal to me, so I jumped on the train.

The call sessions were superb, highlighting to me things that I had known but in smaller bits, I could relate with and make action plans on. In one of those calls, Liza mentioned that “If you are in the room, you deserve to be in the room”. This was profound for me, as the ultimate goal is to Woow myself this year. One of the ways I want to do that is to make big moves that would place me in power rooms. I know I would be remembering this for a long time. And this was just rounding up the session, so you can imagine how profound the call itself was.

I also got to know myself better and connect the dots backwards during the personal session where I got reports on my priority and procrastination assessment. I understood better my own frameworks and could see points of improvement and change. This was so helpful for me, to be able to describe myself and understand my own thought process.

In reviewing my goals for last year and making new ones in January, these coaching sessions helped me realize the importance of details. I could then see that some goals were unaccomplished because I was not prepared for the requirements to meet them, or did not know the consequence of not getting them done. I was able to look more closely at what success looked like to me. And this is sooo important.

I also enjoyed it when Liza shared some of her growth processes. They were like daily reminders to get to work on my own goals as well. This was important to me as I was able to see that I can also push through and accomplish my goals. I liked that she was not only telling us about the completed journey she had taken but the daily steps and struggles and how she overcame them.

There was absolutely NO Pressure to grow, just encouragement to keep at it!



Asides giving you a one-year access to the course portal, all questions asked by every student will be updated and added into the course area, periodically 

A self-comprehension & positioning workbook for anyone who is a multipotentialite. 

It’s not enough to hope your dreams will come to you as you work for them. Now, you must learn to commandeer your mind to think rightly so as to produce the right words and energy to attract what you want