Liza Chuma Akunyili

I love how art is embedded in us and how science questions us. I am a student of life and this adventure called life is one I’m set to explore.

The Whole Story

How I got here

In the beginning, my profile did not read – lifestyle healer. 

In 2006 I had accidentally found and read The Merchant of Flesh and I was so infuriated by how those young ladies were deceived into becoming prostitutes in Italy after taking a blood oath.  

I remember my rage so clearly because I instantly became an activist even though I did not know if the story was fictional or real at the time.  

Adding up all of my exposure to verbal abuse and sexual assaults across the years, I had an eagle vision on the subject. But, that was not what led me here. 

By age 16, I realized I was no longer going to become a gynaecologist as I was more intrigued by people’s minds and social experiences. 

I started getting the privilege of meeting real-life victims (no longer book characters) and I began to comprehend the level of pain that was possible that I had not experienced. 

By age 19, I had a theory that one rape can potentially affect four generations. I was not sure how I came about the knowledge – I just noticed social behaviours and I taught this passionately. It turns out that generational trauma is a real module when taking trauma-related courses. 

I was still struggling with physics even though I loved the education part of my degree. So, one day after a lecture on analytical mechanics I went to my assistant lecturer and his friends and I said to them “I do not want to analyze mechanics, I want to analyze people” 

That was it! I finally articulated everything I wanted in my life. After verbalizing it, I figured I would be a psychologist but my journey has been distinct. 

Liza Chuma Akunyili Story

I stepped out as a coach 7 days after writing my last examination as an undergraduate only to realize I had an extra year left due to carryovers – that was my welcome to visioning and focus. 

My degree in education prepared me to be a coach as I had taught kids aged 4 to 6 to older people in their 70s so, I knew how to hold my own. 

The more I coached and taught people about personal expression and internal competition, the more I realized a lot of people were fundamentally suppressed due to trauma (they do not know a version of themselves where trauma was not their compass). 

If my clients must become expressive, they must recover from trauma and break self-sabotaging cycles. 

This is how I got into Sex Therapy – trying to help people heal from their sexual traumas so they can be verbally and sexually expressive in romantic relationships and so they can stop passing down their traumas as advice to their kids. 

Liza chuma Akunyili

Somewhere in between all these self and professional evolution, I started to produce skin care for myself and after one year my skin results were so fantastic that people started to order whatever I was using and that is how Alatural was born. 

When I started to teach and invite other therapists to interpret professional knowledge around trauma and addictions to the Christian community, Awedacity Nation became a thing. 

I have always loved fashion as my father collected fashion magazines for me every month from about age 10 till I was about 15.

It also helped that my mum was a seamstress from the late 80s working with some Senegalese and a French boss – watching my mum sketch out her outfits yearly suddenly left me with enough inspiration to combine fashion and climate change activism into Afroglent. 

Now, you know my story and my pedigree.  

If you need to break up with trauma and become your most expressive self sexually, romantically and as a parent, you know I have everything required for you to succeed regardless of where you are on the journey.

Walk Down
Memory Lane

Special Coaching

Femininity, Tenderness & Power 83%
Flirting, Speed Dating & Matchmaking 88%
Masculinity, Sensitivity & Healing 81%

Digital Media Skills

WordPress Designing 85%
Virtual Team Management 92%
Branding & Idea Launch 69%

Other Skills

Teaching 96%
Poetry Writing 61%
Podcasting 92%
Fashion Styling 65%
Magazine Content Curation 90%